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  • Durgapur, West Bengal, India, Asia, Earth Kuiper belt,
    Heliosphere Oort Cloud, Solar System Gould Belt, Orion Arm,
    MilkyWay Local Sheet, Virgo Supercluster Laniakea, Universe
  • avishekgarain@gmail.com

Undergraduate CSE student at Jadavpur University.

Ph. No:9647972747


Associate, NLU/SRI-Bangalore/Samsung Electronics
  • Worked with SRIB NLU Team and handled RuleEngine IDE project.
  • Developed an IDE to check and validate grammar files and run against RuleEngine Test Cases.
  • Worked on creating VSCode Extensions for handling the whole workflow.

18 May - 13 July 2020

Projects and Publications

Sentiment Analysis

Currently pursuing a project on multi-target based sentiment analysis.

Annotation tools

Developed two annotation tools with realtime database update capabilities (Firebase api) and accessible from any place via Internet.

Discourse Analysis

Pursued a project on discourse analysis developed on reddit data, by using graphs and Sentiment analysis and submitted in the premiere conference EMNLP2020 for publication.

Clustering Methods

Made a new clustering algorithm based on K-Means algorithm published in Procedia Computer Science Journal named K-RMS Algorithm.Paper

Word Difficulty Prediction

Developed a deep learning model for word difficulty prediction presented in the IEEE R-10 conference TENCON 2019 and paper published at Paper

Smart India Hackathon 2019

Grand finalists where developed a Doctor’s handwriting detection application with contribution in the NLP section of the app.

Machine Learning Metrics Visualizer App

Developed a web app hosted using Heroku for visualizing result metrics for 9 types of Machine Learning algorithms for any custom dataset provided by user. WebApp

Normalization techniques

Normalization of Numeronyms using NLP Techniques Avishek Garain, Sainik Kumar Mahata, Subhabrata Dutta

SemEval Shared Tasks
  • Stood 4th in SemEval task 5 out of competing participants and paper published at ACL Web Anthology. Our paper for SemEval task 6 got published too.
  • Systems accepted in Sentimix2020 & OffenseEval 2020 for publication in ACL Web Anthology.
ACL profile link
Iberlef Shared Tasks
  • System submitted at HAHA-2019(Humor Analysis) Paper and TASS-2019(Spanish Seniment Analysis) Paper organized by SEPLN published in CEUR-WS proceedings .
  • System accepted for publication in CEUR-WS proceedings at FACT 2020(Factuality Classification Task) for Spanish texts.

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Jadavpur University

Bachelor of Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering.
Secured 9.00 CGPA in 1st Year 1st Semester
2017 - 2021

Hem Sheela Model School,Durgapur-713214

Higher Secondary

Marks : 92.2%


Hem Sheela Model School


CGPA : 10.00



Programming Languages & Tools
  • Machine Learning: Intermediate
  • Deep Learning: Intermediate
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Intermediate
  • Computer Vision: Intermediate
  • Data Science: Intermediate
  • Python: Advanced
  • C++ Programming: Intermediate
  • LaTeX: Advanced
  • C Programming: Intermediate
  • HTML: Intermediate
  • JavaScript: Intermediate
  • XML: Intermediate
  • Neural Networks: Intermediate
  • Java: Intermediate
  • TypeScript: Beginner


App development

Interested in designing apps with AI support as working prototypes of my publication models.

Deep Learning projects

Interested in designing various Computer Vision and NLP based models with real life applications.

Web Development

Interested in designing websites and Web-apps with various functionalities and designing all the components from scratch.

Fine Arts

I am quite passionate about Painting.


I am passionate about photography too and presently learning styles of photography by eminent personalities.


  • Represented University in Innovation 2019 by Confederation of Indian Industry, displaying our developed medical data extraction app.
  • Grand Finalists in Smart India Hackathon 2019
  • Selected in Call for Idea Contest and for study visit in Germany (funded by DAAD)
Workshops attended
  • Deep Learning Workshop by NVIDIA in KSHITIJ,IIT Kharagpur(2018)
  • AI workshop by Microsoft in KSHITIJ,IIT Kharagpur(2018)
  • NIVT Data Science workshop(2017)
  • MIT App Inventor
  • Cyber Security Workshop by INDIAN CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS

Co-Curricular Activities

  • Jadavpur University Photographic Club (CFO)
  • Jadavpur University Science Club (CFO)
  • Jadavpur University Enterpreneurship-Cell (2017-2019)
  • Jadavpur University Painting Club
  • TEDX Jadavpur University
  • JUMUN(JU Model United Nations)
  • Organizing member of The Foundry Photojournalism Workshop 2019

Achievements & Certifications

  • Secured the prestigious National Talent Search Examination Scholarship(NTSE)2015
  • JEE Adv AIR:9073 in top 2% of the country.
  • Gold medal(school) in Science Olympiad with State rank 2 and Silver medal(school) in CyberOlympiad.
  • Gold medal in NSTSE
  • HackerRank 4 Star badge in Machine Learning & AI with International ranking of 204(91st percentile) and 5 Star Gold Badges in Problem Solving and C++.Also 718 rank in regex.
  • Click here!!
  • Silver Medal in All India Camel Colour Contest 2014
  • 5 Year diploma in Painting from Pracheen Kala Kendra
  • Gold Medal in Poster Competition in Picteresque 2017,Jadavpur University
  • Gold medal in InterClass Basketball Competition(School)
  • Deep Learning Specialization(Credential ID: NHB64V7LJ74K): Consists of 5 courses related to deep learning.
  • Mathematics for Machine Learning Specialization by Imperial College, London( Credential ID: THVUN6TEKFED)
  • 15 guided projects based on Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing
  • 15 LinkedIn learning courses ranging from topics like Linux, Computer Vision, Deep Learning to using Amazon Sagemaker and language like Typescript.

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